Services We Offer



Children receive homework as practice. Or to reinforce a skill taught in class. Sometimes,

a teacher gives homework as checkup. He or she wants to find out whether or not the student

understands a certain skillWhatever the reason, they can use our resources to complete their

homework. They have access to the Internet, computers and a printer. 

Remedial Service


H.O.P.E Learning Center is a private learning center. We have our own curriculum, teaching

methods and grading system. Our Progress Reports have no standing with the child's school. 

As part of our tutoring service, wgive a diagnostic test. There is a fee for the diagnostic

test of $25. This is a one time fee.


Extended Learning

                        ONLINE SERVICES                                 

We no longer offer Online Homework Help. But, the Center will continue to provide

Online Tutoring. At this time we provide Online Tutoring in Math. As well as in Reading

and English.